Diveblast Pod® — Portable Ice Bath

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Free Thermometer with every order


The Diveblast Recovery Pod™ redefines cold therapy by combining convenience, efficiency, and style. Crafted with Coolguard Insulation™, it features four layers of thermal insulated TPE protection designed to keep the water at a steady temperature.

You no longer need to spend $1000's on custom ice baths, nor do you need to use your old bathtub or chest freezers!

Included with each pod is our Thermal DiveLid™, which creates an insulating barrier to maintain the perfect temperature for your recovery sessions.

The Diveblast Recovery Pod is an all-weather, fully-insulated and portable solution, suitable for both indoor and outdoor use. It accommodates one person comfortably, supporting users up to 6 feet 5 inches tall.

      • 75cm diameter.
      • 75cm height.
      • 85 gallon capacity.
      • 3.5kg weight empty (320kg full).
      • Suitable heights up to 6'7" (2m tall).
      • 3 x thermal insulated TPE layers.
      • Rip-stop Polyester fabric strengthened external layer.
      • UV resistant skin-friendly PVC inner lining.

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      • 1x Ice Bath Pod
      • 1x Protective Lid
      • 1x Floating Thermometer
      • 1x Carry Case
      • 6x Durable Support Legs
      • 1x Hand Pump
      • 1x Drain Hose
      • 1x User Manual

      Cold water therapy works best with the right combination of time and temperature. For example, if you're in a 50°F (10°C) water, we recommend staying in for no more than 10 minutes, although your tolerance may vary based on experience and comfort level.

      Temp to Time Examples

      • 34°F (1°C) = 1 min Submersion
      • 37.5°F (3°C) = 3 mins Submersion
      • 41°F (5°C) = 5 mins Submersion
      • 50°F (10°C) = 10 mins Submersion

      Loved by over 20,000+ people.

      Benefits of using an ice bath.

      Take that first step

      How does it work?

      Take the Diveblast Recovery Pod™ out of the box, add the support pipes, fill it with cold water and DIVE IN.

      Don't hesitate, the water won't get warmer the longer you wait.


      Elevate your wellbeing

      Each ice bath with Diveblast is not only a path to rapid recovery from physical exertion but a gateway to mental clarity and calm.

      After regular use, cold therapy will help you boost your energy and concentration levels, attain better sleep, enhance your brain function and ultimately, improve your overall mood and well-being.

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      Customer Reviews

      Based on 63 reviews
      Love our ice bath!!!

      Love the ice bath we use daily and feel great. Also Excellent customer service!

      John Molina
      Great to Have!

      You see a lot of these online and the trend going around. So I decided to give it a try and stay in budget. The price point on this ice tub is on the money for what you're getting. Portability for me, because its inflatable this can be taken anywhere!Once filled with water its surprisingly pretty sturdy! It actually looks like it wont hold up with that amount of water in it, but it does.Material is very durable, no problems with leaks or tears at all. The only thing that seems to be an issue is the top ring. As long as its inflated fully you wont have any top stability issues.Great addition to your workout recovery or for us older guys to simply recover the body from a long day at work. Because of its size it wont take up any unnecessary space. Get one!!

      Nice ice bath

      This is a good personal ice bath tub. It includes everything needed to get started except the ice itself (giant ice block molds are recommended universally, I got one for this purpose). The legs are a bit of a pain to insert into the slots in the outer skin designated for them, but nothing too bad. Once assembled there is an inflatable outer lip and the lid to the bath and it is ready to be filled.A thermometer with a shark fin on top and an inflatable phone holder/cup holder is included as well, both are useful. I haven't been able to devote too much time to test it, but it does hold water temperature very well, even on a 90 degree summer day, the water is only a couple of degrees off from optimal temperature for an ice bath from the coolness of the night before, without ice.The only real issue I would have as a consumer is the price is pretty high compared to similar units. I can't speak for them all, but lowering the price would give this great ice bath a much stronger fighting chance.

      Jeremy Lo
      Ice bath for tall Folks

      So I’m 6’2 and let me tell you, the Diveblast ice bath is legit. I was skeptical at first, but this thing got plenty of room for tall dude like me. Furthermore, it’s built like a tank, I’ve used it a bunch of time and it’s still feels brand new. I thought I’d have to always put ice in it so it stays cold but it really keeps the cold in. If you’re wandering which ice bath to buy, this one is the way to go, not expensive and high quality. This is the one you want

      Dawn Robinson
      Works well

      Love that it comes with a travel bag that you can pack it away into.As long as you fully inflate the top ring, you should have no problem filling it with water. We filled it with water and dumped several bags of ice in, and it was still cold the next morning, about 16 hours later. This was in Florida, during a warm week, it was probably about 75/80 overnight. Overall, I’d say it works great.